Breathing taking views in Lake Arrowhead

photo 2-3

One day I am going to rent a yacht, or better yet buy one and go out on this lake. Then I could be the one singing, “I’m on a boat!” and no one would understand because that reference is from the past.

IMG_3380IMG_3387IMG_3391photo 3-1photo-2IMG_3394

The amazing views from the edge.


Side note: when I got home and looked at my photos I realized my husband is completely dressed in Nike and looks like a walking advertisement. If only we were getting paid…

Anyhow, definitely go and see Lake Arrowhead if you can because as you can see the views and hiking trails are amazing. I have to admit I really miss Australia, but living in California allows me to see so many different things and it’s all within driving distance. I also could not believe the cyclists that were riding up this mountain!¬†They must have thighs and buns of steel! Just saying…