Hiking in Seeley Creek, California

One of my favorite things to do on my days off is to go on an adventure, which usually translates into going somewhere scenic and hiking. I love exploring new trails and walking off the beaten path. At the same time I have terrible coordination and usually end up falling on my butt after trying to walk down some crazy steep hill. But that’s where the best views are! I walked down into some crazy off-look today and had some kid walk past up above on the trail and exclaimed, “Mum, there’s a woman down there, can I go too?”, to which the mum replied, “Yeah and then I can come after you after you’ve fallen on the rocks and are bleeding from the inside out.” Pretty morbid and graphic, but she was trying to make a point I suppose….to an 8 year old kid….

Today we went and hiked in Seeley Creek and then went further up to Lake Arrowhead for the amazing views. The trail was pretty short and was a total of 2 miles. We were supposed to see a waterfall at the end of it with a naturally formed heart in the rock formations but the water was dried up. It’s amazing how nature creates hearts and in the photos you can see the heart shape in the rocks, and also in a tree trunk and branches.

Seeley Creek, California


Hearts in Nature


There’s something kind of cool about the fact that everyone on this hike wanted to see the rock shaped heart in the rocks that had been created naturally over several years of erosion.

Sonic was also a huge hit on the trail. Everyone always thinks he’s a puppy but he really just is this ridiculously small. While we were worried about taking him on a long trip we are trying to get him used to long road trips so we can take him up to Sequoia and Yosemite. He absolutely loved this trail though and I love taking him with us whenever we can because I think dogs should have adventures too!



These photos take up a lot of space so I am going to put up my Lake Arrowhead photos in the next blog.