Reaching a milestone


A few weeks ago I achieved one of my life goals of completing my degree! That is also why I have been missing from my blog because leading up to my finals I was extremely stressed out. One of my final classes was about information systems and it was both boring and difficult; a dangerous combination for school! But I worked my butt off and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. It was definitely an achievement for me because I gave up on Uni the first time I went straight out of high school. Even though my parents urged me to just complete my degree at that time and get it out of the way, sometimes you need to live life a little and figure out what you want first. While I do wish I had listened to them, I also realize that going to Uni this time around I really valued my education a lot more. So although I am 27 it really is better late than never. I really think that everyone’s journey is different and things do not need to be completed in a perfect succession of events.

Anyhow, this achievement is also only the half way mark for me but it was such a good feeling to graduate. My graduation ceremony is in a month from now and I was honestly considering not attending. I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I completely abandoned my health goals while in my finals. I just do not do well with stress, it has always been my downfall. I get sick when I usually never get sick, even in flu season. I also get lazy with my eating because I usually spend five or more hours straight writing papers and doing research, and then once I’m done I just eat whatever is around. But getting to the point, I realized that the fact that I was considering not going to my graduation ceremony is another reminder of just how much my weight affects the quality of my life. It sounds really vain but just like with any major event where lots of pictures will be taken, I just didn’t want to have all my graduation photos to be of me when I am not at my best.

But the fact is that I am really sick of missing out on things in my life because I am unhappy with the way I look. My graduation ceremony is a pretty important event and it would be ridiculous to miss out on it. So, I have given myself a challenge to really step things up and get pretty ¬†close to my goal in time for my graduation. Because it is a month I’m not going to kill myself and starve in order to lose all the rest of my weight, but I think I could get pretty close. While I did abandon my goal during my finals I didn’t do serious damage. I was not losing any weight for sure, but I also gained about 5lbs. I am already getting back on track though and today I did a pretty difficult hike. When I got home I was actually craving a salad and had that for lunch. Even though I had abandoned my goal for a few weeks I still craved healthy food, and it seemed like my diet was more out of convenience than anything else. That’s no excuse though and I am ready to do this, so it’s good to be back!