Cumin Pork with Avocado Salsa


I found this recipe on one of the major recipe sites. I can’t remember which one, but so many have this recipe. I don’t make it exactly as they describe because I am terrible when it comes to reading instructions. I just borrowed my mother-in-law’s sewing machine and skimmed over the instructions. After messing with it for an hour I got fed up with it not working and put it aside. In comes my husband who is all for technicalities and reads the manual. He figures it out immediately and gets it working. It’s just one of my downfalls…What was I thinking going into accounting when I clearly have NO eye for detail?

Anyway, once again I like this because it’s so easy. Pork cooks really quickly, and only needs about 10 minutes on the pan. I am also all for recipes that use such few ingredients. I don’t have the patience or desire to go out and find 50 different ingredients, especially when some require going to exotic stores.


Pork Chops/Tenderloins

Whole or ground Cumin


Olive Oil


1 avocado

1 Cup Salsa Verde

I may be wrong but I feel like using whole cumin that you ground up brings out more flavor, especially during the cooking process.



All you have to do is add some salt to the pork, and then sprinkle cumin over both sides. I then add a small amount ( about 1 Tblsp) Olive Oil to the pan, and then cooking the pork on medium to high heat for about 5-10 minutes on each side. For the sauce you just cut up one avocado into small cubes and then combine it with the salsa. It is very hard to make this sauce look appetizing, but I assure you it is really good.

IMG_3064Now you just pour the sauce over the pork and serve it with whatever you like. I usually serve it with salad or corn. The flavor of the avocado salsa mixed with the cumin pork just works so well together. I’m sure that if you try this you will add it to your dinner rotation. It’s also really healthy, and the sauce makes it very filling!


Cilantro & Parsley Meatballs



1 cup cilantro

1 cup parsley

1lb ground turkey

1 egg

1/2 onion grated

Salt, pepper, and 1tsp cumin

1 jar pasta sauce (I used Spicy Marinara because I love spicy food)


These are really easy to make and pretty quick. Just heat up the pasta sauce in a pan or pot on low heat. Finely cut up the cilantro and parsley. Combine all the ingredients together and then form into balls. Once the sauce is bubbling a bit in the pan then add the meatballs and cover. Let it cook for about 15-20 minutes on medium heat.


I make this with a bit of pasta for my husband, but I just have it with salad. It’s really light and healthy, and it’s so full of flavor because of the fresh herbs. I love making this too because it’s so quick, which is nice for when you have to make dinner after work/school/LIFE etc.


These were so good I may have to make them again for dinner tonight. I’m also going to find a way to make them vegan for my in-laws. The mixture of the herbs and the pasta sauce is too good to miss out on. I think I may just have to replace the ground turkey with a chickpea and potato mixture perhaps. But try this, it’s awesome! You can even make your own pasta sauce, but nobody got time for that!

Vegan Bean Patties and Zucchini & Quinoa Bites – A slight fail

I once again tried my hand at making vegan food for family get-togethers. I am not vegan myself but as someone who is allergic to dairy products I definitely can appreciate the food. I also try to make as many environmentally conscious decisions as I can. Even though it’s more expensive I try to buy organic animal products. I have been cutting back on red meat and haven’t eaten it in a while. I’ve mostly been eating turkey and seafood. I love a lot of vegan food but I am also anemic so the one time I tried being vegetarian my anemia got so bad that I had to visit my doctor once a week to have iron injections. I still have some bruising from that! At the same time I am aware of all the iron sources in food, my body just absorbs iron differently to most people so I have to be careful. Anyhow, I didn’t go too far here, I just tried making one appetizer from some pictures I saw online and some bean patties.

Zucchini & Quinoa Bites


These can actually be made with cucumber which may be a better option considering the small amount of people who actually like squash. My husband absolutely hates anything to do with squash but he still tried one and said it wasn’t bad. I’m sure that will sell you on them! I am a fan of all vegetables so I love squash myself, and I love quinoa. On top I just put some chili paste because everything has to be spicy for me. These are really easy to make as you can probably see, and they are a good appetizer to have that are healthy. Because I used zucchini I first slightly seared the zucchini in a pan with a tiny amount of olive oil.


The quinoa is easy to cook and there are various ways to cook it but I was a bit lazy and just used my rice cooker. Quinoa is also really good because for those wanting to avoid starchy carbs this is actually a seed. So it’s very light! The chili paste really adds most of the flavor here as well, but you can add whatever sauce you want really.

  IMG_2843        IMG_2847

All you have to do is then carve out little holes in the zucchini and add a small teaspoon of the quinoa.


And that’s it!


Mixed Bean Patties


I’m going to be honest and say these were a slight fail. I wanted to create a mixed bean patty that was crispy on the outside. I however will be the first to admit that I am not the world’s greatest cook. I was really trying to create a patty without too many ingredients and definitely without the use of flour or potatoes. I used black beans, lentils and barley for these with salt, pepper, chili flakes (of course), and some coriander. I first just cooked all the beans and grain until they were soft. I used a small crockpot (slow cooker) because I wanted to just leave it and not have to watch it. Then I just blended all the ingredients and used flaxseed mixed with water to replace egg, just to make it hold better. Unfortunately this was not the case and it ended up being too wet. I ended up adding half a cup of whole wheat flour, which isn’t that bad anyhow. I tried frying some in a pan but they were still too moist so I ended up just baking them in the oven for 20 minutes.

The barley and lentils cooked.


I actually learnt from that you can replace egg using the mixture of a tablespoon or  more (depending on your recipe), mixed with water. It works really well.


So anyhow, while they didn’t end up that crispy on the outside they were still pretty good and strangely addicting. Even my husband who is a big meat fan brought them to work today to eat instead of his usual lunch! He was also a champ for eating zucchini when he says the thought of them usually makes him gag. So this wasn’t a complete success but I’ll just have to try again or maybe stick to my vegan falafels.

For a much better vegan cook check out: