Every. Damn. Day.

I haven’t been able to blog in a while because work and school have been hectic. I also had to help my in-law’s move last weekend, which was a 13 hour ordeal. One positive thing from that unfortunate event was that it was definitely the world’s greatest workout. I am considering becoming a mover because I’m pretty sure I’d lose the weight in 2 weeks that way. Thankfully I am somewhat sane, so I’m just going to go with no.


1. Progress has been slow but rewarding.

This time around my weight loss has been much different than the first time. It has been almost painfully slow. The first time I was not well-informed and I just wanted to lose weight, fast. It was also when I was into that awful show, The Simple Life with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, and used them as body inspiration. I was much, much younger if that helps you understand why. Sadly, this involved trying to look like an 8 year old boy with no figure. As a result I lost a huge amount of weight in 6 months, and gained a new eating disorder.

What I have learnt this time around as I learn more and more about health and fitness is that slow and steady is the best way to lose weight. This is the only way to stick to your diet and make it into a lifestyle, not some task you have to complete so you can move on with your life. That is why my previous weight loss didn’t last very long.

2. The scale is the least accurate indicator of progress.

While the scale also shows I have been at the same weight for almost a month, I have lost 2 pant sizes and today saw that I fit into a skirt when I was at my goal weight. I also notice all around changes like my arms and legs have toned up, and so has my stomach. Another unfortunate indicator is that I have lost almost 2 cup sizes. I am definitely not a fan of that consequence of losing weight, but I don’t know how to set my body to “Only-Take-Fat-From-My-Thighs-Please”.

3. People are finally noticing my hard work.

One thing that definitely makes you feel good when you’re on track to losing the weight is when other people start noticing. When I Skyped with my mum she noticed immediately, which was motivating because no one at work has really said anything. I have lost about 20 pounds and when no one at work mentioned anything it made me feel as though I hadn’t lost a pound. But then when my sister-in-law asked me whether I had lost weight, I really knew I was making progress because my in-laws aren’t entirely expressive people and we rarely talk about personal things.

4. You have to exercise willpower.

Get ready to hear some more of my cheesy philosophy. I have learnt that willpower is like a muscle you have to exercise. The more you exercise willpower, the stronger it gets. Every time you choose to eat something healthy instead of crap, or every time you push yourself to workout, that desire to do those things becomes stronger and overpowers the laziness. I have seen after eating clean and working out for over 2 months now, that I love working out . My walks are not only a workout but it’s peaceful to be outside with beautiful scenery. I really try to take that time to be more present and stop thinking about 5 million things.

5. I don’t crave crappy food anymore.

The other weekend I wanted to let myself have a day off, but I just had no desire to eat anything unhealthy and actually chose a salad. The one weird craving I have now and then is Wheat Thins in the Sundried Tomato flavor. It’s funny when holidays come up and you feel like you should be joining others in celebration, by drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy food. 4th of July just passed and everyone was drinking and having BBQ’s. I had to work, but even after work I didn’t want to use that as a reason to eat. I used to use any reason I could for why I got to eat something delicious, and artery clogging. Now I always stop myself whenever I see myself going to eat for any kind of emotional reason.

Getting into the American spirit.

photo 3-3

6. I am addicted to exercise now.

I love exercising, and I like pushing myself further and further. I have seen several people recently wear the Nike shirt that says, “Every. Damn. Day” and I really like that. I actually really like a lot of Nike’s products and have gorgeous trainers by them that motivate me to get out more. I am definitely one of those people who buys fun workout clothes to get motivated to workout. No makeup though. I draw the line at makeup. Especially in 100 degree weather when I’m sweating a lung going up an incline.


I’m starting to see that even though I’m not seeing results as quickly as I’d like, it has been consistent and I am making progress. Every week I notice changes in my body and my mind, so I’m just going to keep doing this every damn day until I get to the finish line.


One thought on “Every. Damn. Day.

  1. Congratulations on the progress! The fact that you are no longer craving healthy foods and are loving exercise means that you are sure to succeed. Looking forward to many new healthy recipes 🙂 (when you have time again ;->)

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