8 Foods That Keep You Full

Scan 7


I thought I would share this page from one of my Marie Claire magazines, because this is one of the few times I agree with the content. Eating eggs in the morning, or boiled eggs throughout the day definitely helps to keep me full. I don’t know why but anytime I eat oats/porridge for breakfast, I am STARVING afterwards. I thought oats were supposed to be a slow-releasing type of carbohydrate, but that wasn’t accurate in my case.

Sorry about the state of the scan.


2 thoughts on “8 Foods That Keep You Full

  1. oooh seems they are catching on…not quite got the full story yet, but they are getting the idea! go marie-claire (maybe Jonathan Bailor should give them a call to clarify lol)

    • Haha maybe they should. You always have to be wary reading diet advice from magazines because they jump onto every single fad and it isn’t extensive information. Still sometimes they have interesting tid-bits.

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