Steamed Fish

After finally getting a rice cooker recently I got to try out the steamer portion of it. One thing that I love to eat that is really healthy, easy, quick, and delicious is steamed fish. I’m more a fan of white fish, namely Tilapia and I think that steams better. It may sound gross to steam fish but it actually just turns out very fluffy, perfectly cooked, and full of flavor. And it’s really easy too because you just throw it in the steamer pan, add water, and then add whatever spices you want and put it on steam. It only takes about 20 minutes for white fish, salmon might take longer.

I think fish tastes best with just salt and lemon most of the time, but I did add some rosemary leaves to it and a few cut up cloves of garlic.


This picture probably doesn’t make it look any more appetizing but I assure you it was good. Eating additional rosemary twigs not required.


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