Procrastination; an unnecessary evil.

Being unorganized and procrastinating is one of the biggest set backs to any goal, or to life period. I really learnt that this past weekend when I left my physiology presentation to the last minute. That meant that I had to sit for 9 hours straight at my computer downloading information into my head Matrix style and then creating that presentation. I can now say that I know more about the speciation and evolution of Polar Bears than I ever thought I would. But, the fact is that procrastinating like that led to me feeling really frustrated and not being 100% proud of my presentation. School is really important to me and one of my goals is definitely to maintain my high GPA.

I have to admit I sometimes leave things to the last minute because I feel like that will force me to do my work. Procrastination is a terrible thing…And it’s weird because a lot of what I’m learning (in science anyway), is pretty interesting, but at the same time, extremely boring. I’ll try to read my text book and then my eyes will start glazing over as I read the umpteenth un-pronouncable scientific name. But the point is, once I had finally finished my presentation, and then had to do my algebra test, I was just beyond frustrated. You know those times when you’re tired and stressed and suddenly all the little things join up like puzzle-pieces and you’re like, “Oh my goodness, nothing is working out, It’s not gonna happen.” It’s really over-dramatic, but you spiral out of control. I was thinking, I didn’t lose weight this past week, I’m not going to get an A on this presentation and algebra exam, I’m never gonna do anything, arghhhhh! I then justified eating tacos because it was Cinco de Mayo, and how could you not eat tacos on Cinco de Mayo? Tacos are still healthy, but probably not when you eat like 30 of them.

Needless to say, this week I am stepping it up and cutting out a lot of things from my diet that I probably shouldn’t be eating. I have been justifying eating low-fat ice-cream or sorbet at night in the right portion size, and it fits in with a logical calorie quota, but I am assuming it is behind my lack of weight loss. Whenever I get close to my finals week at school my stress levels make me crave sugar like crazy, and I’m not even big on sugary food. I am also going to learn my lesson and spread out my schoolwork instead of leaving it to the last minute!

Time management is just very key in achieving your goals and being more productive because it puts you in control. When you’re most in control and organized you can plan ahead better and make more conscious choices. When you’re stressed you tend to go with automatic responses, which is rarely a good idea. Automatic responses are generally linked the bad habits you are trying to avoid. So, although procrastination has an immediate reward of delaying work, the consequences are rarely worth it.


One redeeming part of this past weekend was going to San Diego to go to the best Sushi restaurant of all time: Sushi Deli. Pretty much the only time I eat out is when I go to get sushi. I also love visiting San Diego because it reminds me of home and it’s gorgeous even on a gloomy day.


Outside Sushi Deli 1 in downtown San Diego, near the Gaslamp Quarter.



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