Let’s be rational here.

So, I’m not really sure how to organize what I write about, so it may be quite random. But, since I committed to getting healthy and working towards my goal weight, which was 2 weeks ago, I have lost 7lbs. It may seem like too much weight to lose in 2 weeks but in the initial weeks you tend to suddenly drop a bit of weight because you go from eating like a competitive eater, to a normal person. Or at least that’s the case for me. I haven’t been as hardcore this time around as I was the first time I really got into my health. The first time I went so hardcore that I basically just developed the opposite eating disorder. It wasn’t one of the more common ones like anorexia, or bulimia, it was more about being totally addicted to be healthy. It sounds odd that, that would be an eating disorder, but when it interferes with your life because you refuse to eat out with people then it starts going down that route. I refused to eat anything with oil in it, I completely cut out carbs, I would never eat candy, and a “treat” for me was getting to eat cashew nuts. Yeah…that still doesn’t sound terrible, but if you know anything about nutrition you will know that the body needs sugar, fat, protein, and carbohydrates. You don’t even have to know about nutrition to know that!

One of my classes at uni was for nutrition, and one of our assignments was to track our food in the SuperTracker program online. That website allows you to see whether you reach your daily nutrient intake, and I ended up just completely forging my food log because I didn’t reach any of those quotas! I’m 99.9% sure EVERY one in that class handed in a report that read, “Yes, I totally eat 3 proper, nutritious meals a day with the perfect amount of dairy, protein, and vegetables.” I kept logging in that I had eaten 3 cups of vegetables (which who measures vegetables in cups?), and the logger still said I wasn’t even half way! Of course it did say that I was OD-ing on protein, because I do love my meat, but I’m anemic so….that’s my excuse.

Anyway, this time around I am trying to just be more rational and understand that the Atkin’s diet is a craze that should remain in the 90s, much like the clothes. I’m not even sure if the Atkin’s diet is from the 90s…..My nutrition class just really made me understand the importance of carbohydrates in giving your body fuel, just like it needs oils and sugar. But more importantly, the reality is that once you make food what it should be, which is purely fuel for your body instead of resembling something more like narcotics, then you begin to eat properly. For me overeating is how I deal with anxiety, and more so its about the habituated behavior. And one thing I’ve learn’t is that you can’t just eradicate a bad habit, you can only replace it. With any change you want to make you can’t just change that one aspect of your life, success really seems to come with rearranging your life so that all things are in alignment with your goal. For me with eating it has been about changing when and where I eat, how I spend my free time, and choosing better ways to relax and deal with anxiety.

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